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Jaime & Dan // engaged // Denver, CO


It's been a solid 2+ months since I've blogged. I'm ashamed! Absolutely shocked! Where did the time go?! This is what the holidays do to me. I indulge, get lazy, spend too much time with family (at least, that's what I'm told - I don't believe in such a thing as too much time with the fam) and get into that happy fat warm place. 

But alas, it always ends, and while I'll miss it until next year, I'm happy to be back at full speed, and I can't wait to share all the new projects I have planned for this year.

Here's a recent session I did with Jaime & Dan - keep an eye out for their wedding in May!

Phil & Elena // hitched // Colorado Springs, CO

Phil & Elena's wedding was BY FAR one of the most adorable DIY weddings I have seen to date. From the hand painted games to the centerpieces to the handmade signs that would appear everywhere (so you had to keep an eye out for them), the minute details were endless. Elena is a, 'scuse my french, badass and made her own bouquet, her own hairpiece, as well the bouquets for her bridesmaids (no two were alike!).

AND even though it was pouring rain and there was a looming tornado threat they still got married outside, and were so into the moment that I'm pretty sure the world would've ended and they wouldn't have noticed.

Love weddings like that.

On My Speakers: Hunger of the Pine - Alt-J

Lars & Ally // hitched // Denver, CO

Ally & Lars and their epic shindig at the McNichols Building. I mean, first look on the roof of the Denver Post? Kudos to Ally for pulling the strings on that one.

Man I love me a good city wedding. 

Many thanks to my friend Ashton and all his amazing help with this wedding.

Bryan & Dana // hitched \\ Fraser, CO

a big goal for me when I usually shoot weddings is to make sure I get my portraits down, but to also nail down all the emotions. but i mean ALL of them. from tearful parents to big bear hugs to sibling love, to inappropriate groomsmen and the drunken blah de blahs who rarely leave the dance floor (unless it's to top off their drinks, of course) - i want 'em aalllll.

I like to think I did that for Dana & Bryan.

Let's start with a morning bike ride to get rid of nerves. a tiny gift exchange. then an awesome Pole Creek wedding. a little bit of put put. yard games galore. followed by Bryan serenading Dana (a surprise) with his own rendition of brown eyed girl. top it off with a sweet band from Steamboat and by my calculation you've just nailed your wedding day.


On My Speakers: Higher & Higher - Jackie Wilson

Saren & Brian // hitched // Lyons, Colorado

Fun facts about this wedding:

1. It was at the Lyons Farmette. So, like, totes adorbs.

2. It was supposed to storm all day. It did not.

3. Saren is in a super awesome band (Saren, I listened to your stuff - you guys are ahhmazing) called Kool Stuff Katie. You can check it out here.

4. They have the bestest friends ever - I've never seen a group of people laugh SO much - it was ridiculously contagious.

ok enough outta me, take a peek below :)

On My Speakers: FIFA!!!!!!

Trisha & Josh // hitched // Estes Park, CO

I've been gone for a while, but wedding season is in full swing and baby, IM. BACK.

Now, on to this family….oi vey. What a riot. They're the let loose, anything goes, ride by the seat of your pants kinda folks.

Definitely my kinda folks.

Trisha & Josh, if every big event in your lives is as fun as this, you guys are in for quite a ride <3

On my speakers: Indie Rock Radio station on Pandora. It's the shizz.

Haley & Layne // anniversary // Denver, CO

Haley & Layne are awesome.

Like, make-each-other-laugh-hysterically, pick-up-strange-cats (Haley is a brave woman and pets random cats), have-amazing-tattoos-im-jealous-of kind of awesome.

The best part is the 90% of these photos were in some sort of alley. The kind you might be skeptical to walk down. But not them, and not that day, and I'm glad because I think the results are pretty great :)

On My Speakers: Woo and I are getting our nerd on and watching this documentary about climbing K2. It's cray.

Ashton & Leah // hitched // Lodi, Wisconsin

It's like they knew.

Seriously. It's like they KNEW they'd have the best weather you could ask for on a January day in Wisconsin. That Friday and Sunday both had highs of -2. But the Saturday Ashton and Leah got married, it warmed up to about 30, and they got the winter wedding they were hoping for.

It was my first time in Wisconsin, and despite the cold, the charm and quiet of this place got me good.

I still feel flattered (and lucky) that I got to hang out with Ashton and Leah all day. A couple who loves photography like they love each other. First at her grandparents house and then in a forest nearby. Nothing was rushed and everything was right. Great light. Awesome people.

 Ashton and Leah are a husband & wife photography duo in the Denver area - you can check out their work here.

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Lars & Ally // Denver, CO Engagement Photographer

Ally and Lars's engagement session was pretty much a downtown adventure. We shot at like 5 different spots, had two outfit changes, i tried out a new technique, and we STILL had time to spare. I think we killed it, personally, but I'll let y'all decide for yourselves ;)

On My Speakers (but mostly in my head): The Girl - The City and The Colour

Goodbye 2013 // Hello 2014

2013, you were good to me.

I started the year our terrified that I might have taken the wrong path in life. That I'd made a huge mistake...that maybe I shouldn't have dropped everything else to pursue my dreams. Money issues, not making my family proud, not making Woody proud, fear of failure - everything kept me up at night. It's an awful feeling, not knowing how things are going to turn out. I honestly didn't know what to think, except that I had to try.

But 2013, you proved me wrong. And man, did I grow.

I was published 5 times. I shot over 30 weddings. I shot different events for the MS Society, and learned so much about the disease and why it's important we eradicate it. I spent most of my summer in the mountains. We traveled to Florida, Utah, Nevada, California, Illinois, and Texas. I got to go to Cuba after 10 years of not seeing my family. I went on my first ever road trip. I broke some gear, bought new gear, sold whatever gear I outgrew. My best friend asked me to marry him. I spent my first Christmas away from home with my new family. And I met so many amazing people, who I'm proud to call friends, and strengthened ties with old ones.

I feel so, so incredibly grateful.

Is there room for improvement?

Yes. Hell yes. Of course. Plenty of room. And I'm more then happy to make more room, and to soak in every little bit of knowledge until I think I know everything, and then learn some more. 

I looked at my shutter counts, and it was at a little over 55,000 for the year. Below is just a tiny, tiny fraction of that. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Thanks again, 2013. 2014, you have some big shoes to fill.

On My Speakers: To Be With You Again - The Steeldrivers

Ashton & Leah // engaged // Vail, Colorado.

hi there.

I have three days until I go to Chicago for Christmas with the future in-laws. Time to buckle down before some much needed r&r and get ish done 'round here.

But first -

Man OH man, do I love fall. Almost as much as I love the ocean.  Fall in Vail + love + tea party in the woods = happy me.

Ashton & Leah's wedding is in Wisconsin this January. I've never been to Wisconsin, and I'm so thankful that we get to go capture some priceless moments there. I know, it's silly - but I can't freakin' wait.

On My Speakers: That's What's Up - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Greg & Claudia // sneak peek // Miami, FL

Here is a very small part of Claudia & Greg's big day. They are two dear friends of mine, and I can't wait to share the rest with them.

Side note: Vizcaya Gardens is probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever shot at. 

Second side note: I'm obsessed with Greg's cuff links (Go NOLES).

On My Speakers: Dexter on Netflix. Love it.